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Rousseau staggers on

Posted by Richard on UTC 2015-10-11 14:15.

There has been a flurry of shocked reports in the last few days about a secret meeting of lawyers held to work out what to do with global warming intransigents.

The executive summary: suppress every public utterance and pursue them legally for... er, whatever comes to mind.

Although the full list of participants at this meeting is secret, at least for the moment, this blog knows the name of one key participant: pauvre Jean-Jacques Rousseau (decd.). Whenever the common good and the general will are required to cope with troublemakers (a.k.a democrats) he is the most reliable helper.

Sightings have been recently reported by:

Keep an eye on this site for further sightings. There will certainly be more. A description of the undead on FoS is here