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Any link to Slack on any page of Figures of Speech will give you the opportunity of logging in or registering. Once you are logged in, any link on any page will give you immediate access to the Figures of Speech workspace on Slack without further login.

Register for our discussion group

Simple and fast. How it works:

  1. Click the link below to create an email request to join the discussion group. The body of the mail is ignored: just leave it empty and send it.
  2. Important: the email account from which you send this mail will become your sign-in name. Your email address in your Slack profile is not visible to other people.
  3. If you send the mail during normal office hours CET you can expect a response quite quickly. If you are in some other timezone you may have to wait, drumming your fingers, for the Earth to rotate an appropriate amount.
  4. You will receive an email from the Slack server inviting you to join the discussion group. Slack is the system we use to host the group. This email may well end up in your 'junk mail' folder, so don't forget to look there.
  5. Follow the instructions in that email. Click on the link to register.
  6. The registration form is very quick and simple. The two name fields are optional, but it would be nice to be known in the group by a name. It doesn't have to be your real name. The domain name is 'FiguresOfSpeech'.
  7. You will be asked to create a passphrase. This does not need to contain unusual characters – a memorable sequence of three of four short words should do the trick, but it's up to you.
  8. That's it. You can then adapt your profile in whatever way you want – avatars, photos etc.
  9. If you find the system useful you can download an app from Slack that gives you desktop or smartphone access to your Figures of Speech discussion group account.
  10. Registered members can invite other people to join. Click on the domain name 'FiguresOfSpeech' at the top of the left sidebar and choose 'Invite people' from the pulldown menu. The people you invite will receive an email and have to go through the procedure described above from step 4.

Click here to generate an email request to register for the FoS discussion group. Just send it, you don't need to write anything.

About our discussion group

There is a link at the bottom of each article on Figures of Speech that will take you directly to the comment channel on Slack for that posting.

In the other direction, each comment channel on Slack contains a link that will open up the relevant Figures of Speech article in a new browser tab.

If you are stuck you can ask the 'slackbot' what to do.

Why Slack?

Reader's question: Why don't you just use a normal comments system (such as Disqus) like every other blog in the world?

FoS answer: We're idiots. But there are many advantages to our Slack discussion group:

  • The discussion group is a closed user group. It therefore does not require moderation.
  • Because there is no moderation your contributions appear without any delay. You can use the group to make single comments or to chat to other users.
  • The system is very fast. Page loading is not slowed down by having to load comments from a third-party server. The Figures of Speech site remains free of JavaScript and all other client-side and server-side tricks.
  • Because there is no moderation almost unconditional free speech applies. In our discussion group you are in a state of nature. By joining the closed user group you accept this state of nature.
  • 'Almost' means that if you behave like an irritating swivel-eyed obsessive and bore everyone comatose the community of users may consider excluding you. The Figures of Speech discussion group is not a safe space: if something shocks you take it up with the person responsible.
  • You can upload anything into the community: links, images, documents, spreadsheets, video-links etc. You can launch Skype chats and so on. Look at the Slack documentation for details.
  • With all this freedom come responsibilities. Although we are a closed group, members should exercise the appropriate caution before opening uploaded files and members should do their utmost to prevent infected material from being uploaded. Figures of Speech cannot police this stuff.
  • The organization of the discussion group is based on 'channels'. There is a general and a technical channel. In addition, a channel exists for every main article on Figures of Speech.
  • Slack is a widely used, professional system with good security and support. There is no cross-site tracking, either from them (as far as we know) or from us. Unlike social media comment systems, no one is analysing your actions, words or images. Search bots have no access to the contents of the discussion group. You will not be spammed, either by Figures of Speech, Slack, or anyone else.

And here are the disadvantages of our discussion group:

  • One more bloody login (email address) and password to remember (but you would have that with most websites, anyway).