Posted by Richard on  UTC 2016-03-04 07:15

FR3 historical review


Montségur, from the series Des Racines et des Ailes produced by the French TV channel FR3. Duration 19:53, French speaking.
A well-made and historically accurate programme with good production values. Praiseworthy concentration on the history and not the present ruin. There is an very interesting tour by an archaeologist along tracks kept secret from the normal visitors.

3-D Reconstructions of the castrum


Excellent 3-D reconstructions of the castrum based on archaeological research. A lot of the details are speculative, of course, but are completely reasonable speculations. Some of the animations are also used in the FR3 video above. Duration 3:00, French speaking.

Tour of the current ruin


A well-produced tour of the current ruin with no spoken commentary (but with scary but not uninteresting music). Duration 11:21.

Vox Bigerri


A choral piece by the male voice group Vox Bigerri, who specialise in the traditional polyphonic song of the regions in the south west of France. The singing, in the Occitan language, is accompanied by a fine helicopter tour of the ruins in high quality. Unfortunately the Roc de la Tour is not shown. Duration 3:01.