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We have no idea what this site is for. Something will turn up. We generally keep away from day-to-day happenings in the world.

Commenting system

We use the Slack system for comments and messaging. For more information and the simple registration procedure go to the discussion group page.

  • You are welcome to contact us by email: Figures of Speech
  • No tracking. No advertisements. No cookies. Not very much content, either, so you're very safe on this site. Embedded objects such as YouTube videos do their own thing.
  • We are happy to take contributions (length 200-2,000 words, plain text, your own work). No payment, just lasting fame.

Content updates

The organization of the articles on this site is chronological, but, unlike many blogs, the articles do not sink down into oblivion after a while. Even elderly articles may be updated. A list of updated articles can be found in the menu under the heading Updated content.

Carl Spitzweg, The Poor Poet, 1837