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Type a search word into the input field and press return. Use only alphanumeric characters. The search is careless of case and diacritics. If the search word occurs in Figures of Speech a keyword in context (KWIC) list of its occurrences will be displayed. The search term can also be merely the first few characters of a word. If you set off to search for a single character, like every good explorer you should pack sandwiches, a flask and a good book for the journey – it may take some time.

The results are shown in the order of the date of their page, oldest first. Pages are separated by horizontal lines. Multiple occurrences of the word within the same page have no lines.

The location of each result is accurate to the paragraph: clicking on the small arrow at the end of an entry will open up that page in a new browser tab and position it at the respective paragraph. The search word will usually be in the paragraph near the top of the screen.

Some background information on the development and operation of this search engine is here.