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We bang on tediously on this blog about the need for the powers-that-be in the United Kingdom – someone, anyone in that category – to do some strategic thinking about the role of the UK in a post Brexit world. Our latest grumblings were here and here. Neither the current shopping-list obsessed dimwit of a Prime Minister, nor anyone in her government, seems capable of such thought.

It is left to people like John Redwood MP to do the strategic heavy lifting. On his blog today he published a list that could serve as a good starting point for the UK.

We did not vote to be some minor state following meekly the EU’s laws and policies. We voted for our country to regain its vote and voice in global bodies. We voted to be friends and trading partners with the EU, but not to be part of its legal system and budgets.

This vision means, as the PM says, leaving the EU and its single market and customs union on 29 March 2019 in accordance with the Treaty.

  • It means from that date being able to pursue our own agenda in world councils, and to negotiate our own trade deals and partnerships.
  • It means seeking the best possible access to the EU’s single market, knowing we can have general access through our membership of the World Trade Organisation, where the EU also is a member and accepts its rules.
  • It means being able to amend and improve our laws whether the EU is doing so or not.
  • It means welcoming EU students, tourists, investors, people coming to jobs with permits, people wishing to live here on their own resources.
  • It means having our own fair policy for the whole world on access to benefits and work.
  • It means having our own fishing and farming policies, seeking to rebuild home output for the home market.
  • It means spending our money on priorities at home, and on helping those most in need elsewhere in the world.
  • It means being a force for the good in the world, using our soft power and military capability to promote peace, free trade, democracy and greater prosperity.

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