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Scrapbook for April 2018

21.04.2018 – Germany: Toddlers mixing paint

Writing in PI-News, Peter Bartels, a former Editor-in-Chief of Bild newspaper, reinforces our motto that in German politics nothing ever changes.

Opinion poll results in Brandenburg give the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) 22 percent of the vote. Compare this with the results of the two 'ruling' national parties: CDU (23 percent) and SPD (22 percent).

But, despite such success, the AfD will never achieve anything because all the other parties will always gang up against it. The results are to be seen in the ever odder coalitions being formed – last year's bizarre 'Jamaica' proposal was just one of them. There is always some combination of red (SPD), redder (GRÜNEN) and reddest (LINKE) that can be patched together to keep things on track with a majority that just about gets them over the line. Risking the boredom of our readers we repeat: In German politics nothing ever changes.

FoS image, size 700x700

Peter Bartels, PI-News author [facebook].

Bartels concludes:

Yes, in Germany something is building up … But so long as the AfD does not have 51 percent there will be no change of direction. Because the guardians of the stewpot will for eternity empower themselves to gorge from it. It doesn't matter what the colours of the plates, the table or the chairs are. As soon as the skies threaten to become Bavarian or German blue, every means of darkening them will be seized upon. Unless, that is, the German Michel finally takes off his sunglasses and looks the coming end of Germany in the face…

The 'German Michel' is the traditional personification of the German national character, recognisable by the nightcap he wears.

07.04.2018 – Patience


Image: ©FoS 2018 (reuse with link) [Click for a larger version in a new tab, 4456 x 3084 px.]