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Scrapbook for January 2019

Posted on UTC 2019-01-01 02:01.

06.01.2019 – Why was this website taken offline? Why has it now returned?

In the last weeks of last year it became clear for a number of reasons that future postings to Figures of Speech would be rare or non-existent. The hosting contract for the website was also due to run out shortly.

These two facts led to the conclusion that, after nearly four years, the website had run its course and the best thing would be to shut it down as elegantly as possible.

That conclusion was an extremely foolish one. A selfish one, too, as quite a few visitors (more than we knew we had) pointed out with some force that we had just disconnected our content from a number of external links (most of which we didn't know existed). This is what happens when you don't track visitors. A few people even tried flattery, always effective when dealing with fools and incompetents.

Time to grovel. We are very sorry for our ill-thought-out action in taking the website offline so peremptorily. All existing content has been reinstated and will remain online for the foreseeable future. There will be little or no posting of new material for some time to come, though.

We still won't track visitors: you can come and go, but the door hinges will never squeak and the floorboards never creak.