Posted on  UTC 2020-10-01 02:01

24.10.2020 – Swiss healthcare

A real diagnostic timeline, October 2020:

Date Time Wait Journey Notes
14 08:30 Phone for GP appointment
15 11:30 15 min 10 min GP consultation
17-18 [weekend]
20 16:00 10 min 10 min GP ultrasound scan
21 09:30 0 min 10 min CT scan, local hospital
22 14:10 10 min 10 min GP consultation
  17:30 20 min 20 min MRI scan, radiology institute
23 13:30 5 min 10 min GP consultation, diagnosis reached
24-25 [weekend]
26 TBD TBD 10 min Specialist consultation

This timeline is for the attention of all those unfortunates in the UK who are currently bobbing around helplessly on the sea of misery that is the National Health Service, a.k.a The Envy-of-the-World™. Switzerland also has its COVID issues, but no one here has suggested that diagnostic and treatment procedures – for which the waiting times in the NHS are already awful – should simply be put off until … whenever.

In the UK the tumbrils will be a long time coming, but at least the citizens have stopped clapping their Stalinist leftover.

24.10.2020 – Website changes

There have been a few small changes to the website:

  • Some extra information
    Date created | Date updated — Reading time — Page views
    has been added to the Contents list.
  • The 'Latest comments' panel is now only shown on the contents page for the current year, no longer on all years.
  • Stylesheet updates are now handled correctly.
  • Some errors in the handling of interword spacing have been corrected.
  • The scrapbook for September was unused and has been removed.

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