Home page image repository

By popular request, a retirement home for past home page background illustrations. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger version in the main image. The tooltip contains additional information.

The illustrations are in no particular order at the moment (August 2019), but subsequent additions will be in order of their appearance.

Alan Cotton, 'North Cornwall, Ebb Tide at Yoel Mouth', ND. Carl Holsoe, 'Interior with Woman and Child, ND. David Adolph Constant Artz, 'Interior of the Katwijk Orphanage', c1870. Peder Ilsted, 'On the Porch, Liselund', 1917. Stanhope Alexander Forbes, 'Old Newlyn', 1884. Willem van de Velde II, 'Entrance to a Dutch Port', c1665. Camille Pissarro, 'View from Louveciennes', 1869-70. Aureliano de Beruete y Moret, 'Flowering Hawthorn', ND.
Johann Christian Klengel, 'Winterlandschaft', ND. Charles-François Daubigny, 'Apple Blossoms', 1873. Pierre-Auguste Cot, 'Springtime', 1873. Antropov Kuindzhi, 'Ladoga Lake', 1870. Lorenzo J Hatch, 'Sketch on the Potomac', 1883. Emil Carlsen, 'The South Strand', 1909. John Lavery, 'Played!!', 1885. John Sharman, 'At the End of the Porch', 1918.
Jules Bastien-Lepage, 'Hay Making', 1877. Anton Mauve, 'Gathering Wood', ND. Anton Mauve, 'A Cottage by a Ditch', c1880. Claude Monet, 'Cabin of the Customs Watch', 1882. Frederick Childe Hassam, 'The Promenade, Winter in New York', 1895. John Atkinson Grimshaw, 'At the Park Gate', 1878. Carel Fabritius, 'The Goldfinch', 1654 Henriette Browne, GirlWriting, ND.
Joseph Mallord William Turner, 'Calais Pier', 1803. Albert Neuhuys, 'The Fisherman’s Courtship', 1880. Carl Holsoe, 'Interior with a Cello', ND. Elioth Gruner, 'Frosty Morning', 1915. Simon Alexandre-Clement Denis, 'Study of Clouds with a Sunset near Rome', ND Edward Cucuel, 'Autumn', ND. Paul Henry, 'Landscape with Cottage', c1929-34.