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2020/2020 2020 1669
2020/10/scrapbook Scrapbook for October 48
2020/10/swiss-tease Swiss tease 16
2020/10/roemische-elegien Goethe's Römische Elegien 40
2020/10/roemische-elegien_1 Goethe's Römische Elegien I-IV … 19
2020/10/roemische-elegien_2 Goethe's Römische Elegien V-VIII … 7
2020/10/roemische-elegien_3 Goethe's Römische Elegien IX-XII … 7
2020/10/roemische-elegien_4 Goethe's Römische Elegien XIII-XV… 6
2020/10/roemische-elegien_5 Goethe's Römische Elegien XVII-XX… 5
2020/10/roemische-elegien_6 Goethe's Römische Elegien XXI-XIV… 5
2020/10/roemische-elegien_7 Goethe's Römische Elegien Paralip… 6
2020/08/scrapbook Scrapbook for August 228
2020/08/insane-energy Sanity-checking insane energy 130
2020/08/plague-notes Plague notes, ad interim 129
2020/08/chrome Butch browsing 99
2020/08/kamala The lady in waiting 129
2020/08/sommaruga After the Swiss party 121
2020/08/harvesters Paying the Harvesters 179
2020/08/sommernacht Swiss National Day, 1 August 122
2020/07/scrapbook Scrapbook for July 121
2020/07/dog-days Hot Romans 136
2020/07/usa-canonical Born in the USA 111
2020/07/blackout Blacking out for Britain 120
2020/07/graeber Friedrich Rückert's Über alle Gräber 135
2020/07/churchill-horses Winston Churchill's love of horses 104
2020/07/in-da-hood Schubert in da hood 147
2020/07/in-da-hood-1 Brothers and sisters from the east 116
2020/07/in-da-hood-2 The two Schubert families 120
2020/07/in-da-hood-3 The Schubert family businesses 104
2020/07/in-da-hood-4 Ignaz and Elisabeth Wagner 128
2020/07/in-da-hood-5 Michael Holzer 135
2020/07/in-da-hood-6 The Grob family 117
2020/07/in-da-hood-7 The female factor 114
2020/07/in-da-hood-8 The family bond 118
2020/06/scrapbook Scrapbook for June 103
2020/05/scrapbook Scrapbook for May 103
2020/05/images-for-all Hidden Schubert 134
2020/05/woog-review The Atzenbrugg enlightenment 151
2020/05/woog Franz Schubert und sein Freundeskreis in den … 135
2020/05/media-money Oiling the Swiss paywall media 121
2020/04/scrapbook Scrapbook for April 101
2020/04/least-worse The American shambles 113
2020/03/scrapbook Scrapbook for March 123
2020/03/hamburgerinnen Purging the planet 100
2020/03/small-dose Exposing yourself to COVID-19 155
2020/03/cure-worse The Trump insight 99
2020/03/beyond-bananas Beyond bananas 100
2020/03/doomers Laughing at the afflicted 95
2020/03/month Quote and image of the month for March 114
2020/03/ridley COVID-19: time to start worrying? 134
2020/03/the-ptb Sheep Herding for Dummies 115
2020/03/betrayal The greening of Boris™ 102
2020/03/mr-cherry Mr Cherry 126
2020/03/maturity In praise of maturity 116
2020/03/therapy Over the waterfall 101
2020/03/searching-the-web Mining the data mountain 110
2020/02/scrapbook Scrapbook for February 128
2020/02/mi5-idiot Trust me, I'm from MI5 110
2020/02/covid-19 Coughs and sneezes spread diseases 115
2020/02/social-media Social media on the couch 116
2020/02/neutrality Swiss neutrality decoded 112
2020/02/republik The Swiss news magazine Re… 103
2020/02/du-bist-die-ruh_2 Du bist die Ruh, swipe right edition 130
2020/02/du-bist-die-ruh_1 Du bist die Ruh D 776 626
2020/02/thuringia Thuringia voted! 91
2020/02/month Quote and image of the month for February 119
2020/02/switzerland-eu 17 May, the end of Switzerland? 108
2020/02/book-burning A book burning 111
2020/01/scrapbook Scrapbook for January 96
2020/01/democracy Democratic discontent 111
2020/01/month Quote and image of the month for January 145
2020/01/schober-jaeger Jägers Liebeslied D 909 155
2020/01/sterne Die Sterne D 939 163
2020/01/schlechta Franz Schubert and Franz von Schlechta 144
2020/01/fischerweise Fischerweise D 881 186
2020/01/melegh Schubert portrait Whac-A-Mole 169
2020/01/ueber-allen-gipfeln Ueber allen Gipfeln Ist Ruh' D 768 421
2019/2019 2019 574
2019/12/scrapbook Scrapbook for December 94
2019/12/esterhazy Schubert in love 245
2019/12/limericks Limericks in German 194
2019/12/kinsky Chillin' with the Kinskys 123
2019/12/month Quote and image of the month for December 104
2019/12/st-lucy 13 December Saint Lucy's Day 125
2019/12/comments Comments on Figures of Speech 100
2019/11/scrapbook Scrapbook for November 98
2019/11/uk-election-2 Wrecking the Brexit Party brand 95
2019/11/uk-election-1 Dice throwing for beginners 93
2019/11/allerseelen-rilke All Souls' Day 2019 125
2019/11/month Quote and images of the month for November 102
2019/10/scrapbook Scrapbook for October 115
2019/10/climate-facts Climate facts and a Climate Credo 94
2019/10/boris-bluster Boris™ blusters on 109
2019/10/thuringia Thuringia has voted! 85
2019/10/encryption Hate speech sanitizer 106
2019/10/swiss-elections Switzerland has voted! 111
2019/10/month Quote and image of the month for October 102
2019/10/schubert-portrait Another Schubert portrait turns up 115
2019/10/backstop Dividing the two Irelands 101
2019/10/green-utopia-ch The green daydream 93
2019/10/quince The quince 144
2019/10/rolling-stone Green steering charges 99
2019/09/scrapbook Scrapbook for September 101
2019/09/climate-stripes A Swiss simpleton's guide to Global Warming 113
2019/09/schwanengesang A Schwanengesang website 120
2019/09/trembling The trembling aspen 169
2019/09/boris-in-the-bunker Boris™ in the bunker 118
2019/09/cameron David Cameron 106
2019/09/month Quote and image of the month for September 102
2019/09/eu-commissioners The New Age dawns in the EU 90
2019/09/steblin Dr Rita Steblin 175
2019/09/eu-green-deal The European Green Deal 103
2019/09/rellstab Franz Schubert and Ludwig Rellstab 333
2019/09/sachsen-brandenburg No change in Sachsen and Brandenburg 99
2019/08/scrapbook Scrapbook for August 94
2019/08/solidarity German solidarity 95
2019/08/chestnut The chestnut tree at the gate 106
2019/08/heine-plus Heinrich Heine and Franz Schubert 201
2019/08/svp-worms News from the bunker 97
2019/08/heine Franz Schubert and Heinrich Heine 280
2019/08/month Quote and image of the month for August 129
2019/08/bundesfeier Swiss National Day, 1 August 95
2019/07/scrapbook Scrapbook for July 102
2019/07/accession Boris™ blusters 109
2019/07/boris Boris™ 99
2019/07/iran Nothing has been learned 87
2019/07/colour Matter and light 104
2019/07/catullus Catullus and Lesbia 209
2019/07/catullus-01 Catullus at work 122
2019/07/catullus-02 Dicing with oblivion 132
2019/07/catullus-03 The Lesbia poems 1086
2019/06/scrapbook Scrapbook for June 99
2019/06/svp Why does the Devil have all the best tunes? 122
2019/06/green-red The Green-Red media infestation in Germany 121
2019/06/meteo-fakers Getting down with the kids 93
2019/06/no-circles Schubert the Insignificant 227
2019/06/skating Goethe on ice 130
2019/06/tories Could a UK prime minister be worse than There… 85
2019/06/der-fischer Diving deep into Goethe's Der Fisch… 231
2019/06/schubert-pop How many people listen to Schubert's music th… 158
2019/05/scrapbook Scrapbook for May 99
2019/05/euro-elections The European Parliament election 2019 100
2019/05/tories The Tory party at prayer 91
2019/05/portrait Not a portrait of Franz Schubert 234
2019/05/mensch Franz Schubert's Mensch 146
2019/05/schengen 19 May: Another day, another referendum 98
2019/05/disentis 5 May 1799: A little local difficulty in Swit… 118
2019/05/heine Quote for the first day of May 87
2019/04/scrapbook Scrapbook for April 110
2019/04/walpurgisnacht Walpurgisnacht 70
2019/04/stones Two fabled stones from Graubünden 112
2019/04/pollen Pollen 89
2019/04/notre-dame Notre Dame: What now? 95
2019/04/isaiah Isaiah the Obscured 127
2019/04/diewinterreise All things Winterreise 113
2019/04/scientists Scientists – dontcha luv em? 118
2019/04/swiss-independence Switzerland 117
2019/03/scrapbook Scrapbook for March 83
2019/03/heloise Heloise Höchner's first and last love 304
2019/03/search A farewell to Google 101
2019/02/scrapbook Scrapbook for February 97
2019/02/sundogs Wilhelm Müller's 'three suns' 143
2019/01/scrapbook Scrapbook for January 82
2019/01/jammes In praise of simplicity 112
2019/01/intellectuals Speaking in tongues through a glass darkly 85
2019/01/burns-night Wer böpperlet a der chammer a? 72
2019/01/leuthard Doris Leuthard: smiling through 138
2019/01/brexit Brexit: the end is in sight 82
2019/01/hier-gewesen Dass sie hier gewesen D 775: Rückert and Schu… 282
2019/01/kindertodtenlieder Friedrich Rückert – Kindertodtenlie… 332
2018/2018 2018 631
2018/12/scrapbook Scrapbook for December 128
2018/12/outlook Thoughts for the coming year 119
2018/12/lucy 13 December: Saint Lucy's Day 119
2018/12/alinde Alinde D 904: Rochlitz and Schubert 190
2018/12/month Quotes and images of the month for December 128
2018/11/scrapbook Scrapbook for November 107
2018/11/brexit Brexit: where there's life, there's hope 95
2018/11/chemnitz Hunting down immigrants in Chemnitz 87
2018/11/schubert-death 19 November 1828: the death of Franz Schubert 703
2018/11/walser Thinking in tongues 108
2018/11/month Quote and image of the month for November 130
2018/11/war-dolls Empty gestures make most noise 102
2018/11/maassen Protecting the German constitution 88
2018/11/blasphemy Blasphemy redux 123
2018/11/lottery Lottery wins 97
2018/11/norway Richard North, the angry Sage of Bradford 90
2018/11/which-opera A well-known opera – but which? 103
2018/11/anniversaries Three early November anniversaries 92
2018/10/scrapbook Scrapbook for October 104
2018/10/landslide That German right-wing landslide 106
2018/10/doris Albrecht von Haller's love poem Dor… 132
2018/10/doris-1 Life before Doris 119
2018/10/doris-2 Albrecht Haller's poem Doris 133
2018/10/doris-3 Life after Doris 104
2018/10/pepper Pepper, the dim robot 110
2018/10/winterreise Ballet Zürich's Winterreise 100
2018/10/bavaria The Bavarian earthquake 99
2018/10/computer Digital servitude 101
2018/10/review-swiss Phoenix rising 96
2018/09/scrapbook Scrapbook for September 94
2018/09/homo Gay days in Old Vienna? 408
2018/09/homo-1 Deviant deed or personality type? 114
2018/09/homo-2 The Poets' War 124
2018/09/homo-3 Warm beds and elevated feelings 107
2018/09/driven-mad Is Theresa May the bottom of the U-bend? 93
2018/09/horton How to write a big book in two days 113
2018/09/schubert-1827 Schubert's downward spiral, 1827 226
2018/09/frank-crumit The pig got up and slowly walked away 259
2018/08/scrapbook Scrapbook for August 106
2018/08/zseliz-1824 Franz Schubert in search of lost time 195
2018/08/syphilis Rolling the bacterial dice in Old Vienna 236
2018/08/swiss-id Google, facebook, Switzerland – peas in a pod 134
2018/08/climate-science Language, Truth and Logic 94
2018/07/scrapbook Scrapbook for July 94
2018/07/zuerchersee Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock: Der Z… 521
2018/07/monro The Poetry Bookshop 1913-1935 172
2018/07/brexit-may Brexit: statements to remember 96
2018/07/jjr Jean-Jacques Rousseau's herbarium 1772 156
2018/07/muttitanic Germany: where are we? Where are we going? 98
2018/07/zseliz Franz Schubert below stairs 449
2018/06/scrapbook Scrapbook for June 92
2018/06/kaiserbrunnen The Kaiserbrunnen in Konstanz … 122
2018/06/nhs 5 July 1948: 70 years of the NHS soup kitchen 136
2018/06/rommel Folk Devils and Moral Panics 110
2018/06/seehofer All at sea with Seehofer 104
2018/06/blast 20 June 1914: blasting and blessing 130
2018/06/hitler Hitler: demon, dummy or smooth operator? 101
2018/06/the-swiss The Swiss, bless 'em! 112
2018/06/month Image of the month for June 111
2018/06/fugue 3 June 1828: Fugue at midnight 156
2018/06/google Leftist bias at Google? 78
2018/05/scrapbook Scrapbook for May 105
2018/05/defenestration 23 May 1618: the Second Defenestration of Pra… 226
2018/05/tommy Tommy Robinson: jailbird 126
2018/05/north Richard North: still bouncing off the walls 106
2018/05/gender-benders German transgender gender 156
2018/05/advice Serious advice for all men 107
2018/05/winkler-zog Peter Winkler reports from Planet Zog 133
2018/05/sjw British Republic Day 112
2018/05/that-wedding Staring into the cultural abyss 112
2018/05/ireland Brexit and Ireland 96
2018/05/martyrs Suicide by cop in Gaza 114
2018/05/royal-doom Diana's revenge 104
2018/05/churchill-pets Winston Churchill: animal lover 248
2018/05/nash Behind the copyright ramparts 129
2018/05/ups Our battery-powered Smart Grid 115
2018/05/hambacher-fest The New Hambacher Fest 2018 132
2018/05/marx 5 May 1818: Marxmas 148
2018/05/byron 3 May 1810: Lord Byron and Lt. Ekenhead swim … 392
2018/04/scrapbook Scrapbook for April 111
2018/04/alfie The case of Alfie Evans 83
2018/04/fuel-cell The hydrogen fuel cell takes flight 457
2018/04/klemperer 20 April 1945: Hitler's last birthday 181
2018/04/buffoonery The poisoning of the Skripals 86
2018/04/wattway On the French road to nowhere 101
2018/04/balsamico-ch Balsamico, Swiss style 77
2018/04/balsamico 3 April 2018: Happy birthday, Balsa… 80
2018/04/groddeck Dr Groddeck will see you now 138
2018/03/scrapbook Scrapbook for March 97
2018/03/climate State of the Climate 2017 116
2018/03/discussion-group Figures of Speech discussion group closed … 68
2018/03/concert 26 March 1828: Schubert's only concert 367
2018/03/operation-michael 21 March 1918: Operation Michael 112
2018/03/de-kooning The key question in abstract art 96
2018/03/herd-dogs Going to the dogs 104
2018/03/anschluss The Sound of Martial Music 104
2018/03/solomon Judgement of Solomon required 106
2018/03/charlotte To Charlotte While Shaving 69
2018/02/scrapbook Scrapbook for February 118
2018/02/cottbus 'Now WE ask the questions' 105
2018/02/scholl-probst 22 February 1943: the White Rose 114
2018/02/postauto The PostAuto car crash 113
2018/02/guns Mass shootings in the USA 95
2018/02/kippered Kippered Kirsty: a lesson to us all 93
2018/02/inkblot Midnight, 21 February 1818 147
2018/02/no-schulz Martin… er… who? 110
2018/02/fbi It's a hard life at the FBI 128
2018/02/looking-glass Watergate through the looking glass 113
2018/02/sotus Desperately hating Donald 172
2018/02/no-billag Pulling the plug on the Swiss broadcaster 98
2018/02/nel The real Elizabeth Layton 1028
2018/02/peter-may The Peter Principle – May extension 127
2018/01/month Quote and image of the month for January 111
2018/01/scrapbook Scrapbook for January 107
2018/01/birthday Franz Schubert's 31st birthday 152
2018/01/conscript January 1818: Franz Schubert dodges the draft 122
2018/01/meinrad 21 January: Saint Meinrad's Day 101
2018/01/us-temps Hotting things up in the USA 90
2018/01/co2-ch Swiss Government-sponsored CAGW alarmism 124
2018/01/churchill Gary Oldman shines in Darkest Hour 87
2018/01/base-super The Base and the Superstructure 526
2018/01/furies W.H. Auden's poem The Witnesses 519
2018/01/no-change What Theresa did next 94
2018/01/hole Hole in the wall 403
2018/01/mia Mistrust of strangers 162
2018/01/ddr2 New Year's greetings from the fuzz 103
2018/01/murals Two Swiss railway station waiting-room murals 106
2018/01/nat-soc Were the Nazis left-wing extremists? 197
2018/01/oxford New Year's Greetings from the Oxfor… 76
2017/2017 2017 532
2017/12/scrapbook Scrapbook for December 108
2017/12/windsors The Windsors: only a matter of time 127
2017/12/time What is time? Don't ask. 129
2017/12/böll 21 December: the centenary of Heinrich Böll's… 196
2017/12/redwood Strategic goals for the UK post Brexit 110
2017/12/schulz Martin Schulz and the New European Order 137
2017/12/brexit-ch Rocks, hard places, cherries and unsquared ci… 111
2017/12/brexit Brexit: all you need to know so far 106
2017/12/plastic Ocean plastic – go and preach at the real mis… 102
2017/12/solar Here comes the sun 135
2017/12/sauces Cooking the goose and the gander 123
2017/12/lucy 13 December: Saint Lucy's Day 184
2017/12/barbara 4 December: Saint Barbara's Day 171
2017/12/rwe The Germanwatch Peruvian shakedown 128
2017/11/scrapbook Scrapbook for November 114
2017/11/north Richard North beyond redemption 142
2017/11/normals Abnormal normals 98
2017/11/steinmeier Squaring circles in Berlin 94
2017/11/cop23 The UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn 199
2017/11/germans No change, please – we're not Jamaicans 96
2017/11/propertius Sextus and Cynthia, a lovely couple 116
2017/11/mr-climate Extreme weather: quite the norm, really 113
2017/11/priti Sheer uselessness 111
2017/11/discussion-group Figures of Speech discussion group 99
2017/11/evans An outrageous libel of a dead hero 2 364
2017/10/month Quote and image of the month for October 116
2017/10/scrapbook Scrapbook for October 91
2017/10/airsoft The UK Communications Act 2003 113
2017/10/unfinished The mystery of Schubert's Unfinishe… 211
2017/10/evans An outrageous libel of a dead hero 141
2017/10/mrs-pericles Mrs Shopping-List meets Pericles 102
2017/09/month Quote and image of the month for September 118
2017/09/scrapbook Scrapbook for September 109
2017/09/nhs The Envy-of-the-World™: solution found! 107
2017/09/typewriter Luddites of the world, unite! 97
2017/09/afd The AfD: the uncouth, the amateur, the gormle… 140
2017/09/bundestagswahl No change, please – we're German 110
2017/09/dick Still on your own 92
2017/09/florence Theresa goes shopping in Florence 104
2017/09/goethe Goethe's Gotthard obsession 140
2017/09/goethe-1 1775. Lili: the first Gotthard journey 172
2017/09/goethe-2 1779. Charlotte: the second Gotthard journey 164
2017/09/goethe-3 1797. Barbara: the third Gotthard journey 123
2017/08/month Quote and image of the month for August 109
2017/08/scrapbook Scrapbook for August 104
2017/08/gauchat Moral money 124
2017/08/flaig Gratitude: the cement of civilisation 119
2017/08/brooke And is there honey still for tea? 627
2017/08/dowson The days of wine and roses 514
2017/08/gotthard The Gotthard Pass: the heart of Switzerland 206
2017/07/month Quote and image of the month for July 116
2017/07/scrapbook Scrapbook for July 103
2017/07/hawking Stephen Hawking speaks 110
2017/07/mr-climate Dr Weather and Mr Climate 102
2017/07/churchill-sax Winston and his Swiss paintmaker 90
2017/07/windsor The German connection 94
2017/07/bombadil The total stress of Tom Bombadil 142
2017/06/month Quote and image of the month for June 112
2017/06/scrapbook Scrapbook for June 109
2017/06/jackboots Herd management 94
2017/06/happiness The pursuit of happiness 165
2017/06/lederhose The other Austrian Economics 102
2017/06/ucl Ransomware: the never-ending story 113
2017/06/strategic UK sovereignty. Then what? 109
2017/06/maria-theresia Maria Theresia, the great Empress 176
2017/06/churchill The wartime prime minister – shaken and stirr… 105
2017/06/swiss The Swiss, God bless 'em! 114
2017/06/röslein Goethe's Heidenröslein 1202
2017/05/scrapbook Scrapbook for May 96
2017/05/wannacry WannaCry – the dust settles (a bit) 92
2017/05/no-french The French, dontcha luv 'em! 158
2017/05/energiegesetz The future of energy in Switzerland 111
2017/05/schubart Christian Schubart: the prison years 161
2017/05/schubart-01 Schubart's dungeon cell in Hohenasperg 122
2017/05/schubart-02 The commander and the clergyman 94
2017/05/schubart-03 His Serene Radiance 111
2017/05/schubart-04 Re-education 91
2017/05/schubart-05 Some relief, 1778 94
2017/05/schubart-06 Fresh air, 1779 137
2017/05/schubart-07 The entertainer, 1780 95
2017/05/schubart-08 Renewal, 1782 93
2017/05/schubart-09 The Crypt of Princes 103
2017/05/schubart-10 Free at last 104
2017/05/best-of Schubert: Greatest Hits 164
2017/04/scrapbook Scrapbook for April 83
2017/04/stolberg Lied auf dem Wasser zu singen 491
2017/04/senn Schubert's friend Johann Senn 192
2017/04/senn-01 The Senn family 176
2017/04/senn-02 The Tyrolean Fatherland 130
2017/04/senn-03 Johann Senn in the Stadtkonvikt a… 120
2017/04/senn-04 Revolting students 103
2017/04/senn-05 Cooling down the hotheads 134
2017/04/senn-06 The first exile 112
2017/04/senn-07 The wilderness years 118
2017/04/kant Who's afraid of Immanuel Kant? 95
2017/03/scrapbook Scrapbook for March 79
2017/03/on-your-own On your own 90
2017/03/lessing Too much understanding 168
2017/03/lenin Zurich-Petrograd, one-way 180
2017/03/konvikt-1 Schubert: from child to musical genius 249
2017/02/month Quote and image of the month for February 95
2017/02/scrapbook Scrapbook for February 115
2017/02/wind-in-willows The Wind in the Willows 110
2017/02/schubert-image Will the real Schubert please stand up? 390
2017/02/in-proportion CAGW in proportion 92
2017/02/finding-trumpy Finding Trumpy 91
2017/02/alistair-cooke Alistair Cooke: urbane BBC opiner 106
2017/02/media-sunset The media: Nixon's revenge 92
2017/01/month Quote and image of the month for January 101
2017/01/scrapbook Scrapbook for January 99
2017/01/discussion-group Figures of Speech discussion group 67
2017/01/anti-enlightened Bedlam through the peephole 98
2017/01/goethe Trembling above the abyss 173
2017/01/scientists Climate scientists 109
2017/01/decarb Pie-in-the-sky charts 95
2017/01/grown-ups We'll do it our way 84
2017/01/schubert Franz Peter Schubert's family 981
2017/01/charlie Charlie to the rescue 161
2017/01/black Blacking up for beginners 141
2017/01/anthem Deutschland, Deutschland über alles 243
2017/01/the-fact-era Facing facts in the post-fact era 100
2016/2016 2016 546
2016/12/month Quote and image of the month for December 2016 114
2016/12/scrapbook Scrapbook for December 86
2016/12/wattway On the road to nowhere 107
2016/12/backups Backup hell: a visit to the crypt 118
2016/12/geertgen Beyond analysis 114
2016/12/lucy Rolling noiselessly through the void 106
2016/12/judge-judy Judge Judy, the Divine Comedy for our times … 120
2016/12/betjeman John Betjeman's poem 'Christmas' 223
2016/12/corradini 'Modesty' – or not, as the case may be. 130
2016/12/energy Energy made easy 115
2016/12/nobel The Nobel Ceremony 2016 136
2016/12/schober Who is Schober? what is he? 270
2016/12/schober-1 Growing up, growing apart 129
2016/12/schober-2 On the couch 104
2016/12/schober-3 Family life 134
2016/12/schober-4 The cloud of unknowing 120
2016/12/schober-5 The Schobert wakes 165
2016/12/schober-6 The cultural circles: 1815-1823 142
2016/12/schober-7 The dark years: 1823-1826 124
2016/12/schober-8 The final Schubert years: 1825-1828 148
2016/12/schober-9 Schober after Schubert 139
2016/11/month Quote and image of the month for November 118
2016/11/scrapbook Scrapbook for November 123
2016/11/woty OUP WOTY 'post-truth': WTF! 114
2016/11/bad-aibling Man and machine 94
2016/11/cognitive-dissonance Climate cognitive dissonance 118
2016/11/schubert-trajectory The Schubert trajectory 287
2016/11/no-change Esprit de corps in elected bodies 102
2016/10/month Quote and image of the month for October 131
2016/10/scrapbook Scrapbook for October 108
2016/10/artworld-2 The Man in Black: an expert writes 117
2016/10/free-speech Freedom of speech 107
2016/10/victim A victim remembers 105
2016/10/batley The conquering hero 106
2016/10/schiaparelli Schiaparelli 116
2016/10/artworld The Man in Black 107
2016/10/zombie Brian Cox: the zombie staggers on 121
2016/10/beestrings Bees pulling strings 108
2016/10/school Those formative years 127
2016/10/dalton John Dalton, 250 years old 146
2016/10/lamartine The grape harvest 96
2016/10/babi-yar Babi Yar 101
2016/10/bible Bible studies 127
2016/10/jacobins The Jacobin Conspiracy 158
2016/10/jacobins-1 Circles of conspiracy 95
2016/10/jacobins-2 Franz Hebenstreit 115
2016/10/jacobins-3 Andreas von Riedel 111
2016/10/jacobins-4 Joseph Vinzenz Degen 102
2016/10/jacobins-5 Making the punishment fit the crime 85
2016/10/jacobins-6 The atmosphere under the belljar 105
2016/09/month Quote and image of the month for September 126
2016/09/scrapbook Scrapbook for September 120
2016/09/wrong Wrong again 129
2016/09/sappho That Sappho thing 119
2016/09/wohin Rustling inspiration 128
2016/09/eich Channelled speech 136
2016/09/gtech The houseman's friend 112
2016/09/wishful Wishful thinking 104
2016/09/churchill Churchill in Zurich 153
2016/09/belljar Franz's belljar 130
2016/09/spaun The other Spaun 141
2016/09/walser Walking with Walser 106
2016/09/mcintyre In praise of Stephen McIntyre 157
2016/08/month Quote and image of the month for August 110
2016/08/scrapbook Scrapbook for August 148
2016/08/szyk Arthur Szyk: FDR's 'Soldier in Art' 151
2016/08/cagw Climate alarmism 118
2016/08/ds23 Citroën DS23 125
2016/08/ai Artificial Intelligence 141
2016/08/batoni Portrait of the age 131
2016/08/shipwreck The shipwreck on the winedark sea 126
2016/08/shipwreck-1 The antennae of the race 174
2016/08/shipwreck-2 Non-linear obscurity 123
2016/08/shipwreck-3 The Odyssean shipwreck 137
2016/08/shipwreck-4 The Pisan shipwreck 104
2016/08/shipwreck-5 The shipwreck in Rock Drill 126
2016/08/shipwreck-6 The shipwreck in Thrones 112
2016/08/shipwreck-7 Conclusion and bibliography 126
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2016/07/fabris Renaissance mechanics 117
2016/07/parents Devaluing the family 114
2016/07/leadsom Andrea Leadsom, next Prime Minister of the UK 121
2016/07/outrage Dinner in the desert 75
2016/07/cradle The cradle of the Habsburgs 175
2016/07/politics UK politics grassroots guide 96
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2016/06/scrapbook Scrapbook for June 107
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2016/06/voters Voters 104
2016/06/wonderment The fine art of wonderment 131
2016/06/last-words Infamous last words 95
2016/06/gretchen Gretchen am Spinnrade 359
2016/06/alien The alien hatches 96
2016/06/carbon-dioxide Carbon dioxide: the science is settling nicely 105
2016/06/ignorants Ignorant? Uninformed? Thick? 104
2016/06/electoral-commission No X please, you're not British 103
2016/06/sahra-sarah Sahra[sic] Wagenknecht 104
2016/06/green-parasites The green tick 87
2016/05/month Quote and image of the month for May 2016 97
2016/05/scrapbook Scrapbook for May 96
2016/05/hillarys-enabler At the court of the Sun Queen 90
2016/05/schubert-prequel Before Schubert 162
2016/05/schubert-prequel-01 Carl and Susanna Schubert 248
2016/05/schubert-prequel-02 The two brothers 116
2016/05/schubert-prequel-03 The brothers reach Vienna 113
2016/05/schubert-prequel-04 The two sisters 119
2016/05/schubert-prequel-05 Franz Theodor and Elisabeth's children 138
2016/05/euro-wars European wars 113
2016/05/timelessness In search of lost timelessness 87
2016/05/saving-time Saving time 95
2016/05/referendum-shambles The EU referendum to date 95
2016/05/max-weber The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capita… 125
2016/05/max-weber-01 On your own 115
2016/05/max-weber-02 The calling 108
2016/05/max-weber-03 The elect 104
2016/05/max-weber-04 The heavenly balance sheet 111
2016/05/max-weber-05 Rewards on earth and in Heaven 93
2016/05/max-weber-06 For the greater glory of God: Carl Schubert 128
2016/05/max-weber-07 For the greater glory of God: Benjamin Frankl… 137
2016/05/max-weber-08 The trivial round, the common task 101
2016/05/max-weber-09 Work: unpleasing to God 150
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2016/04/scrapbook Scrapbook for April 87
2016/04/snow-blossom Cherry blossom time 99
2016/04/migros-shakedown Dark chocolate, green lunacy 92
2016/04/ich-denke-dein Out of the swamp 169
2016/04/richard-north Richard North 217
2016/04/günter-eich Do not sleep… 266
2016/04/leopold-chemist Imperial chemistry 100
2016/04/lili-marleen The real Lili Marleen 84
2016/04/habsburg-lip The Habsburg lip 405
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2016/03/scrapbook Scrapbook for March 112
2016/03/bedsheet-spreadsheet Bedsheet, spreadsheet 116
2016/03/french-dodo What's the French for 'dodo'? 82
2016/03/swedish-thrift Lenten thoughts, newly assembled 97
2016/03/heinrich-heine Heinrich Heine, 17 February 1856 165
2016/03/erni-mural The great survivor 98
2016/03/pascal-couchepin The Swiss muddle 92
2016/03/hans-erni The Hans Erni lockdown 98
2016/03/switzerland-defused Switzerland: now safe to visit 94
2016/03/tristram-shandy Tristram's bad start in life, 2 March 1718 100
2016/03/montségur Montségur, 16 March 1244 210
2016/03/montségur-1 The Cathars, the 'Friends of God' 210
2016/03/montségur-2 The Albigensian crusade 199
2016/03/montségur-3 The community under siege 186
2016/03/montségur-4 The crowned knot of fire 240
2016/03/montségur-5 Montségur: video materials 177
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2016/02/scrapbook Scrapbook 106
2016/02/frosty-wreck From a night of frosty wreck 78
2016/02/language-lab Language Lab 83
2016/02/referendum-reloaded Swiss democracy, seriously compromised 96
2016/02/john-walker False gods in graven images 112
2016/02/die-forelle Die Forelle 179
2016/02/die-forelle-1 Franz Schubert – The Trout Quintet 196
2016/02/die-forelle-2 Franz Schubert – The Trout 297
2016/02/die-forelle-3 Christian Schubart – The road to doom 164
2016/02/die-forelle-4 Christian Schubart – Taking the bait 125
2016/02/die-forelle-5 Christian Schubart – The Trout 384
2016/02/salley-gardens The grass on the weirs 199
2016/01/month Quote and image of the month for January 2016 95
2016/01/rabid-feminist Rabid lexicography 121
2016/01/not-like-us Not like us 113
2016/01/language-lab Language Lab 70
2016/01/loose-screw IKEA's loose screw 137
2016/01/nathans-rings Nathan's rings 211
2016/01/good-advice Brief Encounter II 78
2016/01/not-my-prophet Mohammed: not my prophet 91
2016/01/lunatic-calendars Lunatic calendars 80
2016/01/hidden-hemingway Hemingway under the hood 119
2016/01/steyn-solidarity Sharing the risk 94
2016/01/st-kevin Bathtime for St. Kevin 107
2016/01/dismal-science The dismal science 78
2016/01/above-below The below above 85
2016/01/proxy-words Sanitised swearing 101
2016/01/souvenirs Souvenirs 93
2016/01/lemmy-rip Rockers do it better 77
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2015/12/winterreise-3 Chapter 3 – Poems 13-24 139
2015/12/winterreise-4 Chapter 4 – Wilhelm Müller 122
2015/12/winterreise-5 Chapter 5 – Franz Schubert 110
2015/12/likely Language Lab 106
2015/12/unrepentent M'learned wag 100
2015/12/close-shaves Close shaves of the Scholastic kind 89
2015/12/solar-impulse Solar Impulse 105
2015/12/what-christmas-is-about Fidei defensor 101
2015/12/suspension-disbelief Suspending disbelief in modern life 102
2015/12/miller-cycle Die schöne Müllerin 138
2015/12/miller-cycle-1 Chapter 1 – The song-cycle and its prologue 120
2015/12/miller-cycle-2 Chapter 2 – Poems 1-12 125
2015/12/miller-cycle-3 Chapter 3 – Poems 13-23 103
2015/12/miller-cycle-4 Chapter 4 – The context of the work 139
2015/11/month Quote and image of the month for November 112
2015/11/bentley Shaken, stirred and rusted 96
2015/11/climatic The dramatic Climatic Unit 92
2015/11/lang-lab Language Lab 83
2015/11/charlies Tumbril for two, please! 101
2015/11/welby Engaging God: God help us! 112
2015/11/enlightenment-1 Enlightenment redux 101
2015/11/jigsaw-grammar Jigsaw-puzzle grammar 115
2015/11/antisocial-media Antisocial media 90
2015/11/cat-stroking Highbrow cat-stroking 87
2015/11/morgarten-700 Myth Thwitzerland 85
2015/11/rousseau-gates Jean-Jacques Rousseau's NBFF 94
2015/11/mars Mars will now say a few words 118
2015/11/wiki-wacky Wiki-wacky 105
2015/11/microsoft Microsoft. How do I hate thee? Let me count t… 86
2015/11/aller-seelen All Souls' Day, 2 November 125
2015/11/aller-heiligen All Saints' Day, 1 November 125
2015/11/gold How to lose money 110
2015/10/month Quote and image of the month for October 101
2015/10/carbon-dioxide Carbon dioxide: the science is settled 97
2015/10/transitioning Transitioning to November 87
2015/10/fanatics-1 Fanatics: the good and the bad 141
2015/10/heile-welt The bad old days 102
2015/10/swiss-election Rousseau! Back in your box! 104
2015/10/easter-1916 Troubling the living stream 119
2015/10/wittgensteins-disease Wittgenstein’s disease 101
2015/10/classical-snob Who are you calling a snob? 92
2015/10/red-burgundy Red Burgundy – The agony and the ecstasy 87
2015/10/nietzsche-gesetz Nietzsche's birthday 76
2015/10/rousseau-in-nature Rousseau in Nature 102
2015/10/business-girls Business Girls 103
2015/10/data Data despair 98
2015/10/eu-referendum EU referendum: No thank you! 110
2015/10/rousseau-staggers-on Rousseau staggers on 101
2015/10/morning-just-up How to end an extremely long poem 81
2015/10/atlas-shrugged Atlas Shrugged: 'Whatever…'. 96
2015/10/uk-democracy Democracy and delegation 79
2015/10/celestial-advice Celestial advice 164
2015/10/jeannot-in-church Jeannot in church 80
2015/10/the-good-old-days The good old days 77
2015/09/month Quote and image of the month for September 96
2015/09/general-will Bye bye, democracy. Hello, general will. 114
2015/09/faith-tests Tests of faith, the lunatic's friends 93
2015/09/zoegernd-leise Schubert, you idiot! 153
2015/09/seed S.E.E.D. 100
2015/09/you-swine You swine! 70
2015/09/greenwich-dump-time Greenwich Dump Time 75
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